mag.pi is a varied creature of colorful character and a delight to observe.
mag.pi's speech is expressive.
mag.pi asks you to keep an open eye and mind.
mag.pi beckons us to reveal our brilliance and grace and a reminder that we must express our attributes outwardly.
mag.pi's messages are many and are always put forth with a free and happy heart.
A 1950s Schindler Building
Handcrafted shoes, bags, belts, clothing
Found objects that make you smile
Art that speaks to you
Infinite possibilities
Come feather your nest and express your individuality.

About The Owner


Lauri Carleton's career in fashion began early in her teens, working in the family business at Fred Segal Feet in Los Angeles while attending Art Center School of Design. From there she ran “the” top fashion shoe floor in the US at Joseph Magnin Century City. Eventually she joined Kenneth Cole almost from its inception and remained there for over fifteen years as an executive, building highly successful businesses, working with factories and design teams in Italy and Spain, and traveling 200 plus days a year.

    With a penchant for longevity, she has been married to the same man for 28 years and is the mother of a blended family of nine children, the youngest being identical twin girls heading off to college in NYC in the fall. She and her husband have traveled the greater part of the US, Europe and South America. From these travels they have nourished a passion for architecture, design, fine art, food, fashion, and have consequently learned to drink in and appreciate the beauty, style and brilliance of life. Their home of thirty years in Studio City is a reflection of this passion, as well as their getaway a restored 1920's Fisherman's Cabin in Lake Arrowhead. Coveting the simpler lifestyle with family, friends and animals at the lake is enhanced greatly by their 1946 all mahogany Chris-Craft; the ultimate in cultivating a well appreciated and honed lifestyle.

    mag.pi for Lauri is all about tackling everyday life with grace and ease and continuing to dream…